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  • Reflective Hologram
  • Chemical Protection
  • Erasure Protection
  • Microprint Signature Line

Available in Blue or Parchment in 3-on-a-Page, Check-on-Top and No Voucher formats.

Securiguard Checks

SentryShieldSM Pro Online Identity Vault

Your sensitive information is more at-risk when it travels with you. See how SentryShieldSM Online Identity Vault™ offers both security and convenience.
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SentryShieldSM Check Fraud Protection Program
PLUS Identity Restoration Pro

SentryShieldSM Check Fraud Protection Program

Delivers an advancement of funds up to $25,000, generally much faster than a bank, in the event of forged signatures, forged endorsements and altered checks.

SentryShieldSM Identity Restoration Pro

Helps protect your information and provides professional assistance to help restore your identity when identify theft occurs.


  • Business Email Compromise was responsible for 50% of financial losses to cybercrime in 2019 (2020, FBI)
  • 61% of companies victimized by payments fraud report Business Email Compromise as the source of attack (2020, AFP Payments Fraud and Control Report)
  • 81% of companies were targets of payments fraud in 2019 (2020, AFP Payments Fraud and Control Report)

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SentryShield Fraud Pro
Infographic - Prevent Synthetic Identity Theft - click the Image Description link beneath the image for a full transcript
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Identity Crime Education

Scams and Preventative Measures

Don't Take the Bait!

The Grandparent Scam

A caller impersonates your grandchild. They claim to be traveling abroad and need you to wire money for an emergency. They demand you not hang up, and may know other family members' names.

How to Avoid: Stall the caller and reach out to other family members to confirm the story.

Phishing Scam

A fake email that requests personal information or a password reset. Red flags of a phishing scam include poor spelling, outlandish threats and unusual sender email addresses.

How to Avoid: Check for poor spelling or grammar and avoid clicking any links.

Romance Scam

Criminals pose as potential suitors on online dating sites. They use highly-convincing manipulation tactics to bond with victims before asking for money or personal information.

How to Avoid: Don't send money or personal information to anyone you met online.

IRS and Debt Collection Scams

Caller claims to be from the IRS or a debt collection agency. They threaten legal or financial consequences, even arrest, for unpaid taxes or debt.

How to Avoid: Hang up immediately and pull your credit report on your own to verify claims.

Rules to Live By:

  1. Don't click on links or attachments in suspicious emails
  2. Install both anti-virus and anti-phishing software
  3. Consider poor spelling, grammar or odd word choice as red flags
  4. Never wire money to someone you don't know
  5. Don't fall for something that's "too good to be true"

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About SentryShieldSM

SentryShieldSM, a Sontiq brand, delivers award-winning identity protection services to both consumer and small business customers through a network of trusted partnerships. SentryShieldSM has helped over 25 million consumers and small businesses since 2001.

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