Check Structure

Check Image
Choose an expressive Symbol or Monogram for your checks.
Custom Lettering
Choose from various lettering styles for your name and address.
Your Financial Institution
We keep in touch with financial institutions to stay aware of any mergers or changes that might affect your account information.
The Padlock Symbol
This sign of security directs you to the back of the check where safety features are listed. Features include:

Chemical Protection Stains appear with chemical alteration.
Erasure Protection Black mark appears when erased.
Security Screen Absence of "Original Document" on back of checks.
High Quality Paper Safety paper shows a stain to reveal chemical alteration.

Text Over Signature Line
Have a personal statement printed on your checks.
MicroPrint Signature Line
Small type in the signature line appears as dotted line when photocopied.
Bank Routing Number
These codes will appear differently on business checks.
Account Number
Check Number
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