Affiliate Program FAQ

How can I participate in the Checks Unlimited affiliate program?
It's easy — just follow these simple steps:
  • Read the Checks Unlimited affiliate terms and conditions.
  • Enroll by filling out a brief online application form with Shareasale.
  • Start earning referral fees automatically for all sales generated by your Checks Unlimited affiliate links.
Why choose Checks Unlimited's affiliate program?
  • Checks Unlimited is the industry leader for direct-to-consumer check products. There are more than 30 million customers who've made Checks Unlimited their #1 choice for checks.
  • We provide online reports at to make it easy to track and increase your sales volume.
How do I create links to
It's easy. Just complete the Checks Unlimited application form. Upon approval, login in to your ShareaSale account and click on the generate links/banners link.
What is my responsibility as an affiliate of Checks Unlimited?
Please do not alter the ShareaSale code in any way. Doing so will prevent our ability to track and give credit for orders generated from your site. There is no limit on the number of links you set up to connect your website to
What is Checks Unlimited's responsibility?
Checks Unlimited is committed to providing you with the tools and support to create an effective affiliate program. is your online resource center for product merchandising ideas, graphics, links, and more. You may also contact at any time for additional help.
How should I design my website?
Every Checks Unlimited affiliate website is unique. We do not impose any kind of standard template for design. Participation in the Checks Unlimited affiliate program may actually complement your existing site by allowing you to integrate banner links in appropriate places to add value to your customers. One suggestion might be to frequently update or rotate banner ads and other creatives in order to maintain optimal effectiveness.
How can I download reports?
Go to Enter your case-sensitive user name and password; then select the desired report.
How will I monitor sales?
Shareasale offers multiple online reports with information that's updated in real-time to make it simple to keep track of the impressions, click-throughs, orders, and commissions you've earned. You can actually determine the effectiveness of each link, and see which products your visitors are buying. Run as many reports as you want — whenever you want. Reports can be run for any period of time you choose.
What is the difference between impressions and click-throughs?
An "impression" refers to each time a link is shown to a visitor. Each link serves one impression on a page (served by the 1 x 1 invisible image in the tag-generated code) and you can have more than one impression per page view (if you have not omitted the 1 x 1 image from the link code). A "click-through" is each time a visitor actually clicks on the link.
How much will I get paid?
Affiliates will be paid up to 20% commission on ALL personal check, business check, and accessory orders generated through your website.
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